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Is This Your Wish List?

To find an experienced and knowledgeable broker willing to:

  • Give you the time you need?
  • Share his trading experience & knowledge with you and help you with yours?
  • Update you inter day with trading suggestions?
  • Place your orders for you?
  • Call you with trading ideas and fills?
  • Help and monitor your trading ideas and put them into a trading strategy?
  • Guide you to become an independent trader?

Join Me...

  • I personally answer my phone and your questions for one on one consultation
  • I will share my years of experience with you to help save you from the mistakes traders most commonly make
  • I will give you the personal attention every trader deserves whether full service or self-directed
  • Receive the personal touch: guidance, assistance and customization of services
  • Receive daily charts annotated with technical comments & option strategies
  • Receive risk appropriate strategies emphasizing options on futures

About Me

How to Contact Me

Direct: 312-277-0112
Toll-free: 888-281-4161

Zaner Group LLC
150 So. Wacker Drive, Suite 2350
Chicago, IL 60606

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  • Charts and set-up newsletter
    My charts generally reflect my view of the markets as of yesterday's close, using futures markets to develop trading strategies
  • Daily trade update
    Daily trade updates, it is a two part publication. A technical review of possible trade signals intraday these setups go out intraday
  • Traditional trend video
    This strategy can be applied to any market as well as any time frame. Whether you’re a savvy veteran position trader or a fledgling day-trader I trust you’ll find this brief video informative.
  • Longer term trend video
    I take a look at indicators that suggest to me when a market trend is in a longer-term trend or rang bound
  • King’s Cross Indicator What is it?
    The “King’s Cross indicator” is a counter-trend trading strategy that I have honed during my 30 years in the futures industry.
  • Some of the strategies that I use when trading options
    This is a brief explanation why and how I use some of the options strategies that I like